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Our Packaging

It may be squishy, brightly coloured and beautiful (if we do say so ourselves) but we take our packaging very seriously indeed. We tested materials, researched life cycles and pushed for innovation in the packaging industry to create a BPA and Phthalate-free recyclable pouch that we can proudly pour our broth into.

It’s been quite the journey: When we first started out, we weighed up using glass jars as an option but eventually opted with flexible pouches. More about our decision, here:

Glass vs Plastic

We believe our squishy pouches are a more sustainable option than glass jars. It's often misunderstood that glass is better but we believe pouches more sustainable in almost every way - Through transport, recycling & food storage efficiency, and reducing wastage: 


Using flexible pouches instead of sturdy glass jars means that we can transport a whole load more in a single journey. This means we significantly save on transport and reduce our overall carbon footprint.


Industry studies have shown that when comparing the environmental efficiency of plastic pouches with that of the alternatives (plastic pots, glass jars and steel cans), plastic stand up pouches were more efficient, in terms of energy, material resources and waste than the three packaging alternatives.


The wastage that comes with using glass jars is sometimes crippling to a company and to the environment. By using plastic pouches, we hardly ever waste any food through breakage.

Recycling your pouch

We've partnered with the award-winning On-Pack Recycling Label Scheme (OPRL) to make it as simple as possible for you to recycle your broth pouch. This symbol means that your pouch can be taken with you to your local supermarket and they will recycle it for you.

So instead of popping those broth packs in the bin, you can now store them up until your next supermarket visit. Councils are slowly becoming equipped to collect them curb-side but until then, this is the best way to recycle your pouch.

OPRL Recycling Locator

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