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Meet our Organic Farmers

Our organic British farmers are the heart and soul of Borough Broth. They work tirelessly to grow and raise sustainable food that supports wildlife, that has the highest standards of animal welfare that can help slow climate change, protect the future of our food, and ensures we are all kept well fed.

Becoming an organic farmer or supplier – whether that’s everything from our broth or the bones or vegetables that go into them – isn’t easy and for very good reason. Soil Association organic standards are among the best in the world with one of the most rigorous and transparent certification processes to help drive change. Organic farmers do this out of passion and dedication for the food we eat, and to work to raise the bar for everyone.

Meet some of our organic suppliers below, and discover the stories behind the ingredients that make our broths so special:

Wood Green Farm

At Wood Green Farm, Chris Landon dedicates his time to providing exceptional levels of animal husbandry for his organic chickens. He rears his flocks at a natural rate, letting them grow in months, not weeks as they roam around the luscious Devon pastures, foraging for insects and grubs.

Chris was awarded The Good Chicken Award from Compassion in World Farming. This means access to natural light, straw bales, perches, pecking objects and shelter outdoors.

Helen Browning's Organic

Helen Browning’s family has farmed at Eastbrook Farm in Wiltshire for over 67 years. Helen is the Chief Executive of the Soil Association and was awarded the OBE in 1998 for services to farming so knows organic through and through.

Their philosophy is to nurture the best quality crops and animals and improve the landscape and soil. They stay true to their pioneering spirit, creating space on the farm where great ideas can grow.

Haye Farm

Nestled in East Devon lies Haye Farm, a beacon of organic and high-welfare farming practices. Emily Perry and Harry Boglione, the farm's managers, are passionate about holistic and regenerative farming that fosters natural processes.

Through rotational grazing, companion planting, and agroforestry, they cultivate biodiversity and promote soil carbon. Their agroforestry approach involves planting fruit, nut, and wood trees to nurture the entire ecosystem from the ground up. This holistic approach nurtures soil health, nutrient-rich crops and happy animals, ensuring exceptional quality produce.

The Green Butcher

Based in Twickenham, London, The Green Butcher is run by Nick Green who started the business through a passion for pasture-based, organic and regenerative agriculture. Nick works in partnership with the best producers in the country: Organic & regenerative farmers who raise their animals entirely on diverse, natural pasture.

Trust and traceability is at the heart of the relationship, ensuring a short, simple supply chain. Nick serves as a link from the farmer to our broth pans and your dinner plate in a transparent, ethical way.

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