ros heathcote borough broth co“We at the Borough Broth Company believe that Bone Broth offers key benefits to your daily diet. Because our products are slow cooked for 24 hours and 100% Organic all of the minerals, amino acids and proteins such as collagen are gently extracted ensuring a powerful punch of nourishment.

Additionally we season our products ever so slightly with <1% pink Himalayan salt so that our broths are delicious and ready to drink as is.

Quality is one thing we refuse to compromise on so we guarantee that our recipe consists of more than 40% bones. This means you are getting the most out of one pouch of our broth.

You may use our Bone Broths in any way you like, but we recommend simply drinking hot in a mug or for cooking as a nourishing stock. We offer many additional serving suggestions on our Blog, so please take a visit to find out more.”

Ros Heathcote – Founder, Borough Broth Co