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Bone Broth and Stock Cubes flavour

The difference between bone broth and stock cubes

We’ve put together a simple guide that explains exactly why our organic slow cooked bone broth will always reign supreme compared to the supermarket stock cube.

First up, here are the definitions for each…

Bone Broth

Bone broth is a liquid hybrid between broth and stock, usually with a thicker base made from roasted bones and is cooked for a long period of time to ensure that all the flavour, nutrients and minerals from the bones are captured. The art of cooking bone broth has been around for thousands of years and it’s a staple for many different cultures as part of their everyday lives.

Stock Cubes

Stock cubes on the other hand are concentrated squares of dehydrated stock that come wrapped in foil. They usually consist of meat, vegetables, salt and occasionally MSG (Monosodium glutamate is a flavour enhancer) which are mixed together and dehydrated to form an ambient product that sits on shelves in supermarkets.

Here are the main differences… 


Bone Broth and Stock Cubes Nutrition


Thanks to its long cooking time and organic locally sourced ingredients, stock cubes don’t even come close to the flavour profile that our bone broth provides.

Stock cubes are usually made from dehydrated meat, vegetables and salt, hence why their flavour can sometimes be overpowering in some dishes. Bone broth however has a subtle and fresh taste that can help to elevate dishes, rather than overpower them.


Stock cubes are often packed to the brim with salt and can leave your mouth feeling more than a little dry. When you cook with stock cubes you’ll likely be adding an extra 5g of salt per cube into your dish.

Bone broth however is much lower in salt content and our own bone broth contains only 1.6g for every 324g of product - that’s a massive difference.

Bone broth and stock cubes salt


This is another area that bone broth can proudly reign champion in. Due to stock cubes are created, they contain little to no nutritional value whatsoever.

Throughout the cooking process the meat and vegetables are often dehydrated in a way that means any minerals or nutrients are lost, leaving you with a salty and concentrated cube of stock. This is far from the case for bone broth though.

Long ingredient lists

Another blow for the simple stock cube is that it often contains a plethora of ingredients on top of what’s really necessary. Additives, flavour enhancers and palm oil often feature very high on the ingredient list for the majority of stock cubes that can be found in supermarkets. Stock cubes can also be a no-go for those who are gluten intolerant as they can even contain ingredients like wheat, maize starch and yeast extract.

Our bone broth however has a short and sweet ingredient list that includes bones, vegetables, apple cider vinegar, sea salt and that’s it! No nasties or unnecessary ingredients to be found here.

Bone Broth and Stock Cubes flavour

Other things to consider when deciding between stock cubes and bone broth is where the ingredients come from and whether or not it’s good for the planet. These are all things that are becoming increasingly important when making purchasing decisions as part of our weekly shop. Which is why we’re really proud to say that our bone broths are always made from organic ingredients found across the UK, we work closely with British farmers and are always looking at ways to be more sustainable across our organisation. Not to sound too boastful but we don’t believe the average supermarket stock cube even comes close when it comes to upholding these values.

So now you know your stock cubes from your bone broths and whatever you plan on cooking, we think it’s about time to ditch the stock cube and opt for a nutritious and delicious bone broth instead. 

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