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World Soil Day

“The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible” – Soil Association founder, Lady Eve Balfour

As 95% of global food production is grown from soil, the health of our soils is incredibly important. If we don’t nurture our soil then we face an uncertain future when it comes to our food, nutrition and biodiversity.

The Soil Association is the UK provider of the ‘Organic’ certification. Their organic standards are among the best in the world with one of the most rigorous and transparent certification processes.

Through good soil management, and by implementing organic farming systems, soils can become drought and flood resilient sponges, huge carbon sinks, and healthy farm ecosystems that need far less fertilisers and pesticides. Organic farmers do this out of passion and dedication for the food we eat, and work to raise the bar for everyone.

At Borough Broth, we have worked with the Soil Association since our inception in 2015. All of our broths and fats are certified organic and we work with our great British farmers to make that happen.

Borough Broth is proudly organic, proudly BCorp and proudly British, helping you get the most delicious, nutritious products onto your table.

You can read more about the soil association and their #SaveOurSoil campaign here

Our Farmers

Our organic British farmers are the heart and soul of Borough Broth. They work tirelessly to grow and raise sustainable food that supports wildlife, that has the highest standards of animal welfare, protects the future of our food and ensures we are all kept well fed.

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