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Stars in Our Eyes

We know that slow-cooking our broths using sustainably sourced, organic ingredients, a splash of spring water and a sprinkle of seasoning is the secret to great taste, and it turns out that the judges at the Guild of Fine Foods agree – That’s eight of our broths now feature a Great Taste Award! We love reading the judges comments, so we’ve included a few for you to enjoy, too.

Free-Range Organic Chicken

"Deep savoury aromas on the nose, the mixture of herbs is really well judged, giving a smooth taste with a lot of interest and layers of flavour. The salt is well-judged and finishes on a good hit of warming pepper."

"Massively appealing aroma of fine quality chicken and a promise of comfort. Lovely clear viscosity. Delicious to taste with perfectly balanced seasoning. We found it appealing on its own and could imagine using it with ramen, in gravy, sauces, chicken pie. Highly impressed. Yum."

"A deep, chickeny stock with good flavour balance of meat flavour and seasonings. Would make delicious gravy or other sauces but equally palatable as a broth base."

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Grass-Fed Organic Beef

"Beautiful clarity, enticing, aromatic aroma... a good balance of vegetables and beef in flavour. Like the provenance which [is] important for a beef product"

"A very light, clean tasting stock with a good level of flavour... it would make a good base for sauces."

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Sustainably-Caught Wild Fish

"A beautiful clean appearance, with a fabulous aroma of the fish tempting you in. The flavour was superb- clean, bright but with a meatiness from the fish and depth from the vegetables and herbs, and a wonderful lasting finish that stayed with you. The judges loved this, worthy of praise and a really useful and delicious product with some clever use of ingredients."

"Lovely clear broth with a gentle fishy smell. Flavour was clean and natural with a homemade feel. Beautiful!"

"Really wonderful fish aromas on the nose complemented by a bouquet of vegetables... A joy to discover!"

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Organic Apple, Miso & Seaweed

"This is a masterclass in balance, so many flavours in harmony creating a deep savoury broth... Very clever and satiating."

"A rich warm colour with a lovely hit of apple on the nose.... A lovely balance from the apple delivering a subtle sweetness to the other ingredients... Excellent as a cup on its own, and easy to see how it can deliver depth to other recipes... Lots of umami going on there."

"Lovely shine and depth of colour, earthy looking. Aroma has honey, fruity notes coming through and then savoury miso, almost meaty. Good savoury flavour... tastes completely natural with sweetness coming through."

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Grass-Fed Organic Lamb

"A delicate lamby aroma, and rustic colour. In the mouth the flavour is mild and conveys the notes of bone. This flavour lingers, carrying a warm peppery finish."

"The broth has an appealing colour. It has the right level of saltiness and seasoning. It has a light subtle flavour of lamb and could be sipped hot or cold or used in other dishes."

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Organic Chicken Pho

"A nice looking consomme with good colour and aroma, making a really good base for noodles. It was packed full of herbs with a good depth of flavour"

"Packed full of herbs and spices, this was slightly sweet at first, perhaps with cinnamon or cloves going towards fennel or aniseed on the finish... Balanced with a good amount of seasoning, including salt, coming through."

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Organic Chicken & Garden Veg

"A really wonderful meaty, herby aroma with a clear broth and good chunky vegetables to give a really lovely appearance. A clean flavour, with some meaty depth, good seasoning and a pleasant bite to the chicken and vegetables."

This beautifully clear broth had an enticing and savoury aroma. There were good-sized pieces of tender meat and carefully prepared vegetables. The seasoning was well balanced... We would happily eat a lot of this broth."

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Free-Range Organic Duck

"This was a clear, honey-coloured broth with a rich flavour"

"There was definitely an aroma of duck coming from this soup with hints of star anise. The slow-cooked bones had given up their flavour to the stock which had a meaty intensity unusual in such a refined stock... Would be an excellent broth for a hearty noodle dish."

"A beautifully clear broth, with a subtle but pleasant aroma from the spices, with some meaty depth."

"The aroma of duck and aromatics greeted the nose and the flavour was layered with a healing heartiness."

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