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Tonkotsu Ramen at home

The most important part of any ramen dish is a deep, rich bone broth. Made in two parts, it’s a delicate balance of slow-cooking the broth for many hours to extract the flavour from the bones before adding a separately created tare.

Ever since Borough Broth Company was founded, our customers have regularly asked us how to transform our broths into homemade ramens – so we’ve done the hard stuff for you. Meet our Organic Tonkotsu Ramen Broth, a delicious slow-cooked broth ready to simply heat and pour over your favourite ramen ingredients. (It also happens to be our first-ever pork broth!)

highest quality ingredients

Our Tonkotsu (which means 'pork bones' in Japanese) broth is made using the highest quality, organic ingredients, including pork bones from British, organic farms with the highest welfare standards, British spring water– never tap, organic onion, pink Himalayan salt and seasonally sourced organic apples.

The broth is then seasoned with a 'shio tare' made from salt and shiitake mushrooms, sesame, garlic and ginger, and a balsamic reduction, making this a unique European twist on a Japanese classic.


collagen boosting

For those looking to naturally add additional collagen to their diet in the most delicious of ways, the Tonkotsu ramen has the highest collagen count in our range, typically containing a whopping 17g of collagen per pouch, naturally extracted from the organic pork bones!



Each pouch is the perfect size for a large warming bowl. Extremely versatile, you can add your choice of favourite noodles, courgetti or even pasta, a protein and favourite vegetables, then toppings – anything from fresh chilli, herbs, a boiled egg and spring onions, to build your own perfect ramen.

Need a little inspiration? Check out classic ramen, everyday ramen, keto ramen or our gyoza in broth recipes. Or you can get creative - simply add your favourite ingredients and design your own.



Sourcing the highest welfare produce is essential in everything we make here at Borough Broth Company, so our pork bones are sourced from Helen Browning's Organic based at Eastbrook Farm in Swindon. Helen is a farmer and campaigner: born and brought up on her family farm in Wiltshire which she runs today, Helen is also Chief Executive of the Soil Association and was awarded the OBE in 1998 for services to farming. Continuing to explore ways to farm that are as good as they possibly can be for people, farm animals and nature.


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Available in perfectly-sized pouches, you can find our Tonkotsu broth on our webshop, Ocado and Coombe Farm.


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