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Light and Fragrant Fish Broth

There’s such delicate and delicious flavour in Borough Broth Co’s fish broth I didn’t want to spoil this with anything heavy… I simply asked the fishmonger which was the freshest white fish and opted for 2 pollock collars (which are cheap as chips!). I cut the meat off the collar and poach this in the broth. Next to no cooking involved here and yet a really delicious, quick supper.

Written by
Joey O’Hare

Serves: 2
Cooking time: 5 minutes prep + 20 minutes to cook


2 medium potatoes 

1 medium leek 

1 fennel bulb

1 pinch saffron

approx 150g fresh white fish, any cut

1 pouch (324g) Borough Broth Co Sustainably-Caught Wild Fish Broth

small handful fresh parsley

small handful fresh dill

sea salt

black pepper


  1. Cut the potato into even chunks.
  2. Bring the fish broth and the potatoes to a very gentle simmer in your smallest pot (all the potatoes will need to be submerged to cook evenly; keep the lid on the pot).
  3. Rinse the fish and chop into even, chunky dice. Remove any bones with tweezers.
  4. Finely slice the leek and the fennel. Finely chop the herbs.
  5. Once the potatoes are very nearly soft, add the leek and fennel and simmer for 5 minutes with the lid off.
  6. Now add the fish, saffron, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Turn the heat right down and gently poach the fish for 4-6 minutes. It is cooked when you are able to break the flakes apart with a spoon.
  7. Turn off the heat and stir through the chopped herbs.
  8. Serve in warmed bowls with fresh bread and butter.

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