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One Pot Chicken

I have an obsession with Roast dinners, namely Roast chicken! Here's my fail-safe, one-pot, super moist mid-week chicken roast with serious gravy. When no one's looking I like to drink it. No shame.

Written by
Ros Heathcote

Serves: 2-3
Cooking time: 80 minutes


* indicates optional ingredients

  • splash of fat, beef tallow ideally, if not a good rapeseed oil would work

  • 1 bulb of garlic

  • 1 pouch (324g) organic chicken bone broth

  • 1 whole organic chicken (I like one around 1.4kg)

  • 2 romano peppers

  • 3 white onions

  • 2 courgettes

  • 1 tbsp rice flour

  • 4 sprigs of thyme

  • generous pinch of salt (A good sea or pink salt ideally)

  • generous pinch of ground black pepper

  • *1/2 tbsp cornflour (gf) or quinoa flour (paleo, gf)

  • *50ml filtered water


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 fan/220 electric / gas mark 6.
  2. Cut or untie any elastic or string around the chicken's legs so the cook is more even (remember to wash your hands after handling raw chicken).
  3. Pat dry the skin of the chicken with a paper towel so it crisps up better and place in a deep ovenproof dish (amazing if you have one with a lid if not use foil).
  4. Peel and quarter the onions, slice the bulb of garlic in half and place face down in the dish, slice the peppers and courgettes into batons approx 5cm x 1cm, also placing in the dish.
  5. Place the chicken on top of the vegetables season generously.
  6. Place the thyme around the pan and pull off a few leaves to sprinkle across the top of the chicken. Distribute the fat over the top of the chicken so the legs and breast are covered and put the rest around the pan.
  7. Place in the oven, uncovered for 25 mins enabling the vegetables and chicken skin to brown up.
  8. After 25 minutes pull the pan out of the oven, add the pouch of chicken broth and put the lid on or foil over the top of the pan.
  9. Reduce the heat to 180 fan/200 electric/gas mark 5 and place the pan back in the oven for another 30 mins.
  10. Take the pan out of the oven one last time, make a slurry of rice flour and 3 tbsp water and pour into the bottom of the pan. Stir the juices so that the slurry is mixed up at the base of the pan.
  11. Put the lid back on the pan and place in the oven a final 20 minutes.
  12. Once done take the chicken out of the pan and rest it for another 20 mins if possible.
  13. Once rested, cut and serve. You should have the most moist chicken with a delicious serving of vegetables in gravy on the side. And only one pot to wash up... Winner winner chicken dinner!

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