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We’re Buy Women Built

We’re part of the Buy Women Built community!

This amazing movement was created to encourage consumer awareness as well as shine a light on female founders across the UK, something we’re incredibly passionate about. 

Buy Women Built (BWB) was founded after Sahar Hashemi (Coffee Republic founder) came across a tweet that said: ‘Not everyone can invest in female founders. Not everyone can mentor female founders, but we can all buy from them’. 

After discovering this tweet, Sahar recognised an issue that was potentially preventing customers from purchasing women made products. And she raised the question: ‘If consumers were more easily able to see if a product was made by a woman, would they be more likely to buy them?’.

And Buy Women Built was born.

This campaign is dedicated to identifying and increasing consumer awareness of the booming array of women-built businesses already established in the UK.

It also hopes to educate customers about the values these brands embody and the substantial social and economic benefits that can be made from supporting them.

BWB provides an abundance of resources and marketing support to help these businesses grow and to support female entrepreneurs in achieving their goals.

We’re so excited to be a part of this exciting movement and sit alongside our fellow female entrepreneurs, who like our founder Ros, have also grown flourishing businesses in an economy which so often can be challenging for female entrepreneurs to thrive in.

A simple way you can support the BWB movement is looking out for female founded products when you next head to the shops. You can discover the list of the BWB community members and their products on their website. From beauty, lifestyle, health and of course food, there’s over a 100 incredible products to choose from. And more are being added to the list all the time.

To commemorate the amazing work female founders have done, BWB has teamed up with Whole Foods next month to launch a special display in their High Street Kensington store as part of their #strongertogether project. The front windows will be taken over by women built brands and BWB members for five whole weeks! We’re so proud to be a part of this amazing campaign where our broth will sit proudly alongside our fellow BWB members. 

The store front display will be live from 28th February until 2nd April.

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