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Our top 5 spring recipes

After what can only be described as another long and dreary winter, we’re more than ready to embrace the arrival of spring with open arms. 

And to mark the season, we’ve put together our top 5 spring recipes that we’ll be reaching for time and time again over the next few months. 

This collection of recipes takes inspiration from the very best that spring has to offer, including organic vegetables like leeks and peas as well as grass-fed British lamb. Combined with a nourishing and slow cooked pouch of bone broth, you’ve got yourself a mouth-watering taste of spring. 

So, dust off your apron, sharpen those knives, and let’s dive into our Top 5 Spring Recipes.

Top 5 Spring Recipes Roast Lamb

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

It wouldn’t be a spring recipe round up without a bit of roast lamb, would it? This is the ultimate Sunday roast recipe for spring.

Cooked with anchovies, red wine and plenty of our lamb bone broth, delight friends and family with this hearty and wholesome dish, topped with plenty of homemade gravy of course.

Discover the recipe here

Lamb Baharat

Looking to shake things up a little from the usual roast though? Then this is just the pick for you. Dive into the flavours of the Middle East where the unique spice blend of Baharat takes centre stage in this lamb dish.

We recommend serving it alongside homemade flatbreads or rice, topped with greek yoghurt and a drizzle of mint sauce for added sharpness.

Discover the recipe here

Spring Nettle Soup

Not just made for stinging ankles and fingers, nettles actually make a delicious addition to any spring recipe repertoire.

With a nutty and peppery flavour, they provide the perfect balance to this soup base featuring our chicken bone broth and roasted carrots and garlic. Just remember to wash the nettles first to avoid any potentially painful mishaps.

Discover the recipe here

Braised British Petits Pois

Nothing screams spring to us more than the arrival of the British petits pois. While organic frozen vegetables can work just fine year-round, nothing tastes quite like the first freshly picked pea of the season.

This dish comes together really fast and makes the perfect addition to any meal or works great as a midday snack.

Discover the recipe here
Top 5 Spring Recipes British Petit Pois
Top 5 Spring Recipes Wild Garlic

Leek and Potato Soup with Wild Garlic Pesto

Another highlight of the season for us is the arrival of wild garlic! This delicious herb is the true marker of spring. And when it finally comes into season, we always make sure to take full advantage.

The perfect addition to butters, stews or slow roast cooks, this homemade pesto is also a great way to incorporate wild garlic into your spring recipe rotation.

Discover the recipe here

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