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Pick Your Own Bundle

(73 customer reviews)

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The Pick Your Own Bundle is here! Pick your favourites, or add in something new to try. With discounts on bigger bundles plus an additional 10% if you sign-up to a no-strings monthly subscription.

Minimum bundle of 5

Bundles of 7 or more – enjoy 7.5% off

Bundles of 10 or more – enjoy 12.5% off

Bundles of 14 or more  – enjoy 15% off


  • Free-Range Organic Chicken Bone Broth


  • Grass-Fed Organic Beef Bone Broth


  • Grass-Fed Organic Lamb Bone Broth


  • Free-Range Organic Duck Bone Broth


  • Organic Apple, Miso & Seaweed Broth


  • Organic Low FODMAP Beef Bone Broth


  • Organic Low FODMAP Chicken Bone Broth


  • Organic Chicken Pho Broth


  • Organic Tonkotsu Ramen Broth


  • Grass-Fed Organic Beef Fat


  • Pasture-Fed Organic Pork Fat


  • Grass-Fed Organic Lamb Fat


  • Free-Range Organic Chicken Fat


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Free-Range Organic Chicken Bone Broth

Weight0.324 kg
Bundle Size


Grass-Fed Organic Beef Bone Broth

Weight0.324 kg
Bundle Size


Grass-Fed Organic Lamb Bone Broth

Weight0.324 kg
Bundle Size


Free-Range Organic Duck Bone Broth

Weight0.324 kg
Bundle Size


Organic Apple, Miso & Seaweed Broth

Weight0.324 kg
Bundle Size


Organic Low FODMAP Beef Bone Broth

Weight0.324 kg
Bundle Size


Organic Low FODMAP Chicken Bone Broth

Weight0.324 kg
Bundle Size


Organic Chicken Pho Broth

Weight0.500 kg
Bundle Size


Organic Tonkotsu Ramen Broth

Weight0.400 kg
Bundle Size


Grass-Fed Organic Beef Fat

Weight0.250 kg
Bundle Size


Pasture-Fed Organic Pork Fat

Weight0.250 kg
Bundle Size


Grass-Fed Organic Lamb Fat

Weight0.250 kg
Bundle Size


Free-Range Organic Chicken Fat

Weight0.250 kg
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73 reviews for Pick Your Own Bundle

  1. Lakshmi (verified owner)


  2. Adam J (verified owner)

    The greatest bone broth I’ve tasted to date! With be ordering again

  3. Beccy Davies (verified owner)

    Oh my! So glad I found these guys. Delicious depth of flavour, I chose chicken, beef and duck. Warm and satisfying, a big old hug in a mug.

  4. Linda (verified owner)

    I am giving you a 5 star review as the broth and service is great. It will be a zero star for the courier as they delivered to the wrong house number despite the house number being clearly marked and us being home. It was taken in by a neighbour who then went out and was part defrosted by the time it was received.

  5. Sky Perkins (verified owner)

    Delicious broth, speedy delivery, beautifully insulated and packed. Will be ordering more!

  6. Patricia J Gibbs (verified owner)

    Hi – I was so pleased to find you and ordered one of your bundles. The broth is delicious and knowing how good for me it is, its a win win situation for me. Thanks guys – I shall be ordering again

  7. Lynne Horsfall (verified owner)

    I had the chicken broth as a drink and was pleasantly surprised by how nice it tasted haven’t tried the beef ones yet but looking forward to giving them a go this week

  8. Ruth Flecknell

    Really and I mean really good stuff. Added depth and flavour to soups and stews. I will definitely buy again.

  9. Lauren (verified owner)

    I started ordering a monthly selection of broths just after giving birth — knowing how nourishing and revitalising broth is, but also how time consuming it can be to make from scratch. I love being able to choose my own assortment and well, they are ALL so rich, delicious, and flavoursome!

    I can’t recommend Borough Broth more highly!

  10. david alexander (verified owner)

    Hi, nearly all the broth was far too salty. Unpleasantly so in my view. Any accidental reduction as you warm it through only makes things worse. It was also less aromatic than I was hoping for.

    The chicken stock however is very good. The best ‘bought’ stock I’ve used by some margin. My only gripe is that the packets are too small. 500ml would be perfect.

  11. Paul H (verified owner)

    First time of ordering from Borough Broth very pleased with the product, well packaged when deliver and well insulated still frozen when arrived. Will be reordering

  12. Deirdre Gamble (verified owner)

    Am delighted. I live in N Ireland and the stock was delivered well packed and frozen solid. Great to get organic stock with no pesticides or chemicals. Thank you!

  13. Sue (verified owner)

    Delicious.Highly recommend.

  14. Cheryl Clements (verified owner)

    I have to cook for my granddaughter who has several health issues. I was so happy to find stock that has no ingredients she can’t eat. And it was tasty!

  15. Susanna Grace (verified owner)

    The Pick Your Own bundle allows me to consistently make good nutritious food and still experiment with new recipes and find my favourites. Excellent quality, taste, delivery and organic credentials. I do wonder what to do with the eco-friendly thermal packing that fills every box though – and would welcome ideas from Borough Broth and other users!

  16. Jessica Williams (verified owner)

    Taste is amazing. My only complaint and it’s small is some of the bags leak.

  17. Steph Betton (verified owner)

    Great as a base for soups and casseroles. But also a warming mug drink on a cold day.

  18. Mrs Nicola Merriam (verified owner)

    I adore the beef and chicken broth. I put them in everything from soups to stews. They are delicious just on their own as a drink too. So delicious x

  19. Lucy Fayre (verified owner)

    I have ordered the bundle of bone broths from Borough Broth for a while now, when I can afford it. I choose them because the broths are tasty, have nothing nasty added, and they are the absolute perfect portion size. The company have always been very helpful and responsive if I’ve had a query. The packaging is eco-friendly and re-usable too.

  20. Judi (verified owner)

    I love these products, they’re super tasty, easy to use and store, delivery was super efficient, no mess, no waste and easy to store. And recyclable packaging so what’s not to love?

  21. Paul Forster (verified owner)

    Excellent products but better outer packaging needed to avoid defrosting

  22. Marion (verified owner)

    Best bone broth l have found

  23. S Tebbutt (verified owner)

    Good idea to choose own bundle, very tasty as well. Just a comment re delivery, I was home but missed delivery but parcel left on front doorstep in hot weather. Found it thankfully but contents had started to defrost .a little. Could package state ‘ frozen contents’ or similar? Just a thought.

  24. Leslie Staite (verified owner)

    Having been recently diagnosed with gastroparesis, I was looking for something nourishing yet easily digested. Your bone broth was recommended to me by my niece so
    I have been making lovely nourishing soups with the different broths I ordered.
    Perfect food for someone with this condition and hopefully I will soon reap the benefit of the broths and start to feel stronger.

  25. Logan Sicking (verified owner)

    The broth(s) were tasty.

    However, I think the herb flavor is a bit too strong.

    Letting the savouriness/heartiness of the bones should take priority, while the herbs should be little hints of variety. I should drink the broth and think ‘This is a bone broth’ but someone could give this to me and tell me it was an herb-based broth that just happened to use bones.

  26. Malcolm (verified owner)

    I placed my first order for 15 frozen bone broth pouches for delivery during a literal heatwave and, pleased to say they were all frozen solid when I opened the insulated box – The additional 3 enclosed ice packs were sploshy though but, did their job perfectly well.

    I tried a cup of hot Organic Beef Broth first and wow, the initial strong hit of pepper certainly woke up the taste buds. It wasn’t too strong of a pepper hit and I would definitely buy these again. Looking forward to trying this on a cold winter’s day and was also refreshing on a scorching summer’s day.

    The Organic Lamb and Chicken Bone Broth are just as tasty but without the ‘pepper hit’. Good for adding healthy flavour and extra nutrition to cooking too.

    The ‘Pick your own bundle’ discount along with 1st Order and special offer discounts made this a worthwhile purchase.

    Many thanks for the great products and service.

  27. Judi Thomalla (verified owner)

    I have made my own bone broth before but this is so much better! It’s super tasty, super easy to store and use and no mess, no boiling for hours on the stove top and no fuss!
    Customer Service from this company is also the best, I thoroughly recommend!

  28. Jill fletcher (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious

  29. Christiane (verified owner)

    This was the first time I ordered from Borough Broth.
    I was scheduled for surgery and was searching for a good organic marrow broth.
    They delivered fast and I have to say I was not disappointed at all, quite the opposite.
    The flavour is delicious and I added sometimes some vegetables or noodles. I had the broth also with nothing added and enjoyed it a lot.
    Will definitely order again and can highly recommend this brand.

  30. Barry Nelson (verified owner)

    Will be ordering again. Great as a base for soups or stews.

  31. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Excellent broth and a lovely company with superb customer service. Gets my “highly recommend” sticker! 🙂

  32. G Richardson (verified owner)

    Excellent taste and quality. Will order again

  33. Alison (verified owner)

    Good selection whilst I’m on a 21 Day Cleanse. Filling and nice , subtle taste. Felt calming and healing.

  34. kathryn (verified owner)

    love this being able to choose, have had chicken, beef and lamb, all very tasty thank you

  35. Kathryn Andrews (verified owner)

    Lovely tasty broth, great being able to pick the favourite bundle, great product, super quick delivery. thank you

  36. Dorthe Nielsen (verified owner)

    I love these broth, they are tasty, organic and so easy to use while cooking or just for a soup on a cold winter day. Super customer service as well.

  37. Linda (verified owner)

    Great stock as expected, after friend’s recommendation.
    Would like advice about re-use or recycling the transport packaging please.

  38. Kathy (verified owner)

    Pick your own bundle allowed me to be brave and try other flavours. I now know which I like most.

  39. Tari Kenia (verified owner)

    Delicious as a warm drink to ease my system back into eating after a long fast.

  40. Nikki Cowell (verified owner)

    Great way of trying all the different flavours that Borough Broth offer. Simply delicious and so much easier than making bone broth myself!

  41. Kathy (verified owner)

    This option let me try flavours I probably would not have picked. Also helps me add different broths to my cooking.

  42. Bill Stewart (verified owner)

    Delicious 😋 will be back for more.

  43. beverlea (verified owner)

    lovely flavoursome broths. the chicken is my favourite. will buy again

  44. kelly (verified owner)

    Great to have a choice, really like chicken bone broth, not as keen on chicken and vegetables as preferred the flavour of bone broth, yet to try the others but will order again

  45. Claire (verified owner)

    Amazing lamb stock. It had so much depth and made my gravy taste sublime.

  46. Ali (verified owner)

    Delicious and nutritious!

  47. Angi (verified owner)

    Great to be able to try new varieties as you can choose different ones each time.

  48. Yvonne

    Very good. Makes a delicious taste to a meal and as being very healthy My favourite is chicken and I use it in noodles and other meals.

  49. Nina Vincent (verified owner)

    So good, it does not last long in my fridge or freezer

  50. Cath (verified owner)

    Great products thoroughly enjoy and recommend to all

  51. Karen Jones (verified owner)

    Really tasty and easy to drink. I use in stews, but also drink as a hot drink for health benefits. Lovely company and products.

  52. Mary Mulhern

    I take bone broth for health reasons but was finding I too much work to do at home. I am delighted with borough broth , great product and super tasty. I particularly love the ramen and pho so easy to add noodles and veg for a great meal. Thankyou it’s been a game changer and defo helped my immune system after chemo .

  53. Alex Brown (verified owner)

    Love these broths – clean ingredients, packed with flavour. I have one of these every evening at bed time – I know its supposed to be better for you in the morning – but for me, its my signal to stop and breathe. I love that I can mix my flavours up, and I love that the subscription means I don’t ever have to worry about running out. Excellent customer service as well. Can’t fault anything here!

  54. emma stone (verified owner)

    great taste and quality. Great customer service

  55. Lyn Gravett Borsberry (verified owner)

    Brilliant that I could pick my own choice of broths and so far, all delicious!

  56. Karen (verified owner)

    Love these broths I also feel like I’m taking in goodness when I drink them and as I’m getting over Covid these make me feel like I’m doing myself some good, they go great in sauces and casseroles. The miso is especially delicious.

  57. sebastiano carbone (verified owner)

    stunning products

  58. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Delicious!! We are trying to get our daughter’s gut back on track after a transplant and these broths offer a brilliant variety of ingredients. Feels like a good place to get started.

  59. Colin Macklin (verified owner)

    Delicious product. Great value for money

  60. Karen Jones (verified owner)

    Fantastic products and service. Highly recommend

  61. Sara Mitchell (verified owner)

    Really tasty broth. So much easier than doing your own! Have on their own as a warming drink, or add noodles. Also use as a stock with meat and thicken up for gravy. Very versatile.

  62. Sara Mitchell (verified owner)

    Love the bone broth mixed bundle. Subtle but full of flovour. Use them as a warming drink or gravy base and add noodles as a soup. Very versatile and great that they are frozen. Really love this product.

  63. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Very easy to order, like that it’s not frozen as give more options. Have used as stock in meals, excellent as I know it’s like having homemade stock so much better for you

  64. Elinor Hoyle (verified owner)

    Brilliant company, tasty broths, I’m yet to try them all, but so far so good, I had a problem with delivery timing and this company really helped me out, so Thank you so much for that. I will definitely be a regular customer here.

  65. Lynn Tan (verified owner)

    So much flavour, absolutely delicious! Highly recommend

  66. John (verified owner)


  67. Lynn (verified owner)

    Fantastic products, I have now tried most of them, the chicken broth is the purest I have seen. Although I appreciate how much time and effort goes into making the broths I wish it was more within my price range so I could use them more often. Thank you for creating such good products, organic is an essential for me.

  68. Alicia

    A bundle is so good so one can try different flavoured broths. They all taste great!

  69. Elinor Hoyle (verified owner)

    Love this company tasty broths, pick your own bundle, I use them in risottos, soups, wherever I can really. Great service too Thank you

  70. Lianna (verified owner)

    The best broth I’ve tried for flavour and overall quality.

  71. Kacey Spicer (verified owner)

    I can’t recommend the company enough. The broths are better than any I’ve tried anywhere else, no nasties in them and the company are so quick so respond and handle any issues with orders. Overall, money well spent 👌

  72. Fiona (verified owner)

    Very tasty good value will be ordering again
    I am having them for lunch and I am
    Feeling so much better in the afternoons more energy!

  73. Natalie (verified owner)

    The broths were all really clear and the Chicken Pho was my favourite. Saved me time instead of having to make myself and nice to know it’s nutritious – helping me survive through a cold!

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